West Coast Backings

Rental Policies and Info

General Information

    • Hours of Operation: All pick-ups and returns must be made at our warehouse between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday - Friday.
      All pick-ups and returns are by appointment only. You must call to schedule a pick-up or return time.

    • Transportation: Round-trip transportation is to be arranged and paid for by the client. West Coast Backings can deliver locally or recommend a shipping company if needed.

    • Reservations: All of our backings can be put on hold at no charge to the client for 48 hours. We recommend that you call us to check availability and condition. If a backing is not available, alternatives can be suggested.

    • Cancellation: There is no charge for cancelling a reservation.

    • Returns and Exchanges: No returns are accepted. When a backing exits West Coast Backings full rental fees apply. Exchanges may be made on the same day the backing is picked up at no additional charge unless the backing that is being exchanged is of greater value than the one being returned.

    • Late Returns: The client is responsible for returning a backing to West Coast Backings by 11:00am on the scheduled return date. If the backing is not in our warehouse by that time and date a daily late fee will be charged.

    • Pricing: All rental prices are based upon the width of the backing, the number of days a backing remains at your location, and where the backing is being used. The minimum rental period is 7 days.

    • Payment: West Coast Backings accepts either a purchase order from an approved client, a company check, or cash. No credit cards are accepted. C.O.D. clients must provide a deposit check on all backing rentals. All clients must provide an insurance certificate naming West Coast Backings as additional insured on their liability policy.

    • Liability: The client accepts full financial responsibility for any loss, damage or alterations made to a backing while it is out of West Coast Backings warehouse. In case of dispute, West Coast Backings, Inc. reserves the right to recover any reasonable attorney's fees.

Care and Handling

Backings must be returned to West Coast Backings in the same condition as they left.
Significant repair costs can accrue if the backings are allowed to get wet, torn, dirty, burned, scratched, or crushed.
Take special care while unpacking, rigging, and repacking.

Do not attempt to clean or repair any of our backings. Report any damages to WCB immediately and we will advise how to proceed.